5-Point Truck Scale Inspection

Truck scales need special attention to get ready for the season and Cream City Scale is here to help. Cream City Scale offers a 5-point inspection service to prepare your truck scale to meet the harsh demands of winter.

    5-Point Truck Scale Inspection Services

Visual inspection of scale    

The 5-Point Inspection includes:

  • Visual inspection of scale
  • Clean scale ends using 210 psi compressor
  • Check surge protection
  • Clean, jack and grease suspension links
  • Load Cell Verification (millivolt & resistance readings)

Once the inspection is completed, customers will receive a written report detailing the results of our visual inspection and the condition of your scale.


In addition to the 5-Point Inspection, customers can add the following services:

  • Power Wash Scale Surface
  • Sandblast Exterior Steel and Paint Scale
  • Silicone Seal Concrete Deck*
  • Plow Scale Surface (at time of inspection service only)

*Silicone Sealant must be applied at temps 40 degrees or higher. Sealant is available for purchase if you prefer to apply sealant on your own.

    Load Cell Verification