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Rice Lake PT Scale 120000lbs-270000lbs for sale near me

Rice Lake PT Scale

120,000lbs - 270,000lbs
Designed for installation where space is limited, the Survivor PT Series has earned a reputation for delivering quality performance in pit-type vehicle scale applications.
All models begin with a design tested in extreme loading conditions, and are then constructed with the finest quality materials and workmanship. We offer several standard sizes to satisfy most requirements, but we also understand that pit-type installations often involve replacing an existing scale.
Out staff of professional engineers specializes in custom-built models, including multi-platform scales, that conform to the exact reuirements of your existing pit. Our ability to tailor the scale design to your site equates to a quicker installating, less overall disruption to your facility, and more savings.
The PT Series is rigidly constructed for exceptional performance in high-traffice, heavy-duty applications. Each Model Boasts wide flange I-beams that support a sturdy steel treadplate, or poured concrete deck. This heavyweight construction minimizes deflection (vertical flexing), a major factor in determining the life of the weighbridge.
Our patented load cell suspension design, combined with an industry-leading 90,000lbs concentrated load capacity (CLC), means you'll have consistent, accurate weighments, even in the harshest industrial environments.
We're so confident the PT Series will exceed your expectations, we back it with an industry-leading 10-year guarantee.
Rice Lake Survivor OTR 120000lbs-270000lbs for sale near me

Rice Lake Survivor OTR

120,000lbs - 270,000lbs

The compact, lowprofile SURVIVOR® OTR installs quickly—ready to weigh heavy loads and withstand constant traffic.

Both the OTR concrete and steel deck modules feature wide flange I-beam construction and are built to meet federal bridge standards.

The steel deck design features 12—12" wide flange beams on 12" centers running longitudinally with the traffic flow beneath a 5/16" diamond plate deck. The concrete deck features 12" main beams and 6" beams under a 6" thick slab of concrete. The wide flange I-beam construction helps minimize deflection (vertical flexing) a major factor in determining the life of the weighbridge. An industry-leading 100,000 lb CLC means you’ll have consistent, accurate weighments, even under the toughest conditions. SURVIVOR OTR scales are designed to accommodate a minimum of 250 trucks per day for 25 years without weighbridge fatigue—equivalent to over 2 million weighments.

PE-certified Rice Lake design engineers used the most advanced FEA (Finite Element Analysis) software to examine high stress areas and designed SURVIVOR truck scales based on actual loading characteristics. Rice Lake’s patented load cell suspension design delivers reliable, legal-for-trade accuracy. And all these real-world advantages are backed-up with a class leading 5-year weighbridge guarantee.

Rice Lake AX-Series 60000lbs for sale near me

Rice Lake AX-Series

Maintain accuracy and accountability even in temporary site applications with the RoughDeck® AX. This portable, economical option for vehicle and truck weighing is built tough, using time-tested Rice Lake construction. The RoughDeck AX provides a durable and consistent scale for monitoring overloaded and under loaded axle weight. The RoughDeck AX system includes four on/off ramps and two treaded top plate platforms. Two tandem scale platforms provide axle capacity measurement up to 60,000 pounds. Combined with the TuffSeal® Signal Trim junction box and Survivor EL147HE cable, the RoughDeck AX system is the ideal portable solution for onsite vehicle weighing.