Railroad Track Scales

Rice Lake Survivor 170000lbs-400000lbs for sale near me

Rice Lake Survivor

170,000lbs - 400,000lbs

The SURVIVOR ® RT is a pit-type, rail/truck combination scale. Perfect for weighing a variety of car sizes, the SURVIVOR RT is capable of weighing rail cars as well as trucks. This scale is ideal for bulk cement, aggregate, grain, scrap metal, and chemical applications. Cars can be positioned anywhere on the scale and a wide range of platform sizes and capacities provide accurate weighments.

SURVIVOR railroad track scales incorporate Rice Lake’s best-in-class weighbridge design to create a rugged, accurate heavy duty weighing system. Used in static weighing operations, the SURVIVOR RT Pit Type railroad track scale and the SURVIVOR PL Modular Type railroad track scale excel in high-accuracy, legal-for-trade weighing and meet AREMA and Cooper E-80 design specifications. Capacities of over 200 tons are available to meet the demands of the heaviest loads. When the scale is a SURVIVOR, you can be sure it’s the “Toughest Scale on Earth™.”

Rice Lake Railboss 80000lbs-320000lbs for sale near me

Rice Lake Railboss

80,000lbs - 320,000lbs

The RailBoss system is a series of 5'10" rail sections specially fitted with strain gauges to accurately measure the total gross weight of your rail cars. Each section of rail is an individual weighbridge for a single wheel. The system provides total car weight plus weight readings for individual rail trucks. RailBoss is designed for rail cars with 5'9" to 5'11" truck centers and can be installed in any location that has straight and level track for one car length. The RailBoss sections are bolted onto existing track and ties, minimizing installation time and disruption of rail traffic. The standard RailBoss utilizes 90RE, 115RE or 132RE rail, however custom rail sizes are also available. Trains not being weighed can move across the scale at normal line speed without affecting the scale.

Running balanced rail cars at or near capacity is the smart way to go for greatest efficiency and profit. RailBoss eliminates the guesswork of volumetric measuring and variable tare weights. Under loading, incorrect billing, overloading, rejection and fines will all be avoided with the RailBoss rail scale. RailBoss will provide the accuracy you need for check weighing, process monitoring, filling, record keeping and safety issues.