Portable Scales

GSE Porta Tronic 500lbs - 1000lbs

GSE Porta Tronic

500lbs - 1,000lbs

Designed for portable weighing applications, the Porta-Tronic 800 provides easy mobility for use in multiple locations. The stainless steel weighing surface is a standard feature. Customers can choose either a powder coated carbon steel or a stainless steel base to provide the durability needed in light to heavy industrial environments.

The Porta-Tronic 800 was designed for mobile weighing in light to medium capacity applications. Smooth, portable operation maximizes efficiency when weighing in multiple areas. Numerous options provide flexibility for custom applications.

Rice Lake DeckHand 250lbs - 2500lbs

Rice Lake DeckHand

250lbs - 2,500lbs

The RoughDeck® BDP can be used as a stationary or portable scale and features a low-profile design that allows optional access ramps to sit flush with the ground for smooth loading of barrels and drums. The BDP is equipped with live side rails so large items and pallets that exceed the platform dimensions can be accurately weighed. The stationary BDP can be easily converted into a portable scale with the optional portability kit. The kit is compact and sits below the live side rails. The caster-engaging mechanism in the portability frame permits operators to effortlessly move the BDP from one location to another. When ramps are attached to the portability frame, the hinges allow the operator to rest the ramps on the scale platform while in-motion.

The BenchMark™ HDP portable platform scale, with capacities up to 500lbs, is the ideal option for lighter industrial and commercial applications. Choose between casters or large rear-mounted wheels. The 304 stainless steel cover is as durable as it is sleek.

Move the DeckHand to any part of a facility and be instantly ready to weigh accurately. The platform is designed to weigh perfectly on all corners. Off-center product loading will not affect weighing accuracy. DeckHand wheels only touch the floor when the unit is tilted back for movement allowing the weighing platform to remain stable on uneven floors.