Parts Counting Scales

A&D FC Series 1lbs - 100lbs

A&D FC Series

1lbs - 100lbs
Remote Base Capacity:
Pounds: 50 - 20,000.
Kilograms: 25 - 10,000.

Easy Data Retrieval
For each weighing article, it is easy for anyone to instantly retrieve data such as ID number, unit weight, tare weight, and comparator upper/lower limits without making an error. It helps to improve effectiveness and reliability of operation. Especially effective for multiproduct lines.

Simple Operation Mode
You can avoid making any unwanted operational mistakes by enabling just the keys you need. (This mode is available for zero setting, tare weight cancel setting, and sample counting setting.)

Buzzer Sounds
when the current counting reaches, exceeds, or lacks a set quantity. The alarm beeps when an operational error occurs.

Comparator Function
Compares a count or weight. When the comparator function is activated, "HI", "OK" or "LO" is displayed.

Accumulation Function
Totals piece count into memory. Works in automatic or manual mode.

GSE 675 6lbs - 100lbs

GSE 675

6lbs - 100lbs

Remote Base Capacity:
Pounds: 50 - 20,000.
Kilograms: 25 - 10,000.

APW Enhance Mode improves accuracy. Eliminates the need to count large samples for an accurate average piece weight.

Alphanumeric keypad allows manual entry of product numbers and descriptions.

Standard 250 item memory can be reconfigured with up to 98 columns of associated product information.

Database Modules can expand memory storage capabilities to include thousands of products.

Advanced communication protocols allow the Model 675 to integrate into most factory networks.

Accuracy settings (90% to 99.96%) are available to ensure acceptable tolerances.

LCD Graphic Display provides detailed operator prompts.

Avery PC-902 10lbs - 100lbs

Avery PC-902

10lbs - 100lbs
Remote Base Capacity:
Pounds: 50 - 20,000. 
Kilograms: 25 - 10,000.

Printer Ready: Comes ready to connect to bar code label printer, eliminating the need to continually sample. Includes 14 label formats: 8 AWT dot matrix printers, 3 Dymo Costar and 3 Zebra Model 2844.

RS232 Output: Standard link to printers, bar code gun/wands or computers.

Two Power Saving Modes: Puts the scale to “sleep” when not operating and allows extended battery operation.

Calibration: Front panel access, including 2 alternate calibration weight selections.

Backlit Displays: Increases visibility in poorly lit areas.

Count Methods: Bulk, dribble, multiple reverse count methods, piece weight entry.