Medical Scales

Rice Lake Neonatal 5lbs - 30lbs

Rice Lake Neonatal

5lbs - 30lbs
the 610-10 neonatal scale provides the unsurpassed ability to weigh an infant down to the gram. Combine this high-resolution accuracy with movement compensation and reweigh function and you have a winning solution.
The movement compensation feature of the Rice Lake Neonatal Scale improves accuracy and speed when weighing delicate newborns. Advanced speed means fast weighing, allowing the baby’s quick return to the incubator.
Durable, easy to use and feature-rich, the Rice Lake Neonatal Scale gives healthcare professionals all the tools they need to provide quality infant care and precision measurement.
Rice Lake 140 600lbs

Rice Lake 140


THE 140-10-7N PORTABLE FITNESS SCALE is an NTEPCertified legal-for-trade device that provides the highest possible accuracy when weight is a critical factor. In wrestling programs, weight-loss centers and even health clubs, weight can determine membership fees or classification levels. For that reason a legal-fortrade device must be used.

This portable legal-for-trade device offers a full 600 lb capacity, making it the perfect tool for a broad range of weighing needs. Mount your display on a wall or place on a table for fast and convenient use. Weighing only 20 lbs, this scale base and indicator package can easily be carried from event to event. Weight is displayed in both standard and metric values, accurate to within 0.1 lb. An onboard Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator helps save time and increase health awareness. Operate up to 75 hours with internal rechargeable battery or plug in at any location. An optional carrying case makes for easy transportation of this lightweight and compact scale.

Brecknell MS140-300 660lbs

Brecknell MS140-300

Simplicity of design and rugged construction are the key features of the MS140-300 Portable Medical Scale.
Featuring a 20.5” x 20.5”, low-profile (2.5” high) platform with sturdy handrails and padded grips, the MS140-300 digital scale was designed to be the perfect choice for clinics, health clubs, or even home use.
This medical scale has the ability to print weight data offering a real time saving device for doctor's offices, long-term care facilities, and other medical institutions.
Heavy-duty, yet lightweight & portable this scale is suitable for almost any application requiring accuracy and medium to heavy weight capacity. The repeatability is unbeatable and will offer years of continued usage. It comes with an easy-to-read LCD backlit display and operates on AC power. This medical scale is durable and reliable at an affordable price.