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Rice Lake 920i Interchange for sale near me

Rice Lake 920i Interchange

Rice Lake Database Software

920i Interchange® allows the data stored in the 920i's database to be transferred into Excel® in a comma delimited file, opens Excel and transports that data onto a spreadsheet.”

GSE Wedge for sale near me

GSE Wedge

GSE Database Software

The Wedge software was developed to help users upload and download database(s) to or from the 60 Series indicators, including the 675 and 672 indicators. It can also be used to collect data from an indicator (i.e. Custom transmits) into a comma-delimited format (a database format). A program such as Microsoft Excel can then view this data. The Power of ActiveX lets you view, write data at the same time, which is coming from an indicator into an Excel spreadsheet, Access Database.