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Rice Lake RL1600 1000lbs-75000lbs for sale near me

Rice Lake RL1600

1,000lbs - 75,000lbs
The RL1600 Series Weigh Module is ideally suited for a variety of applications including batching, mixing, blending, general weighing and inventory control.
Available in cast iron, mild steel, and stainless steel construction, the RL1600 series weigh modules provide accuracy, consistency, and durability in capacities ranging from 1000 lb to 75,000 lb per module.
For a complete solution, kits are available including load cells, mounting assemblies, cable, and junction box. Choose from various analog junction boxes or iQUBE®—an intelligent, non-proprietary digital diagnostic junction box. iQUBE provides simplified calibration, diagnostics, numerous connectivity solutions and enhanced electrical overload protection.
Rice Lake RL50210 50lbs-2500lbs for sale near me

Rice Lake RL50210

50lbs - 2,500lbs

The RL50210 mini tank weigh module delivers consistent accuracy to in-motion, compact tank and platform scale applications. It is easy to install and ideal for indoor installations where checking requirements are low, and moderate vibration and shock occur.

RL50210 modules feature environmentally protected load cells and neoprene isolation/compression load plates that provide vibration dampening and shock resistance. Tool steel modules are available in capacities of 50 lb to 2500 lb and utalize RL30000 or RL50210 single-ended beam load cells. Stainless steel constructed modules are available in capacities from 50lb to 2500 lb utilizing the RL35023S or RL50210SS load cell.

Rice Lake RL9000 1000lbs-450000lbs for sale near me

Rice Lake RL9000

1,000lbs - 450,000lbs
The RL9000 TWM tank weigh module’s stainless steel construction provides accurate weighing technology for hostile environment applications. Its low profile configuration maximizes space and its all-in-one construction minimizes installation time. Furthermore, the RL9000 TWM will accurately weigh even if the base is off level by as much as 3º.
A broad range of weighing capacities from 1,000 lb to 450,000 lb enables its use in virtually any weighing application. What’s more, the 100% uplift protection and self-checking design provide extreme durability. The RL9000 TWM comes standard with welded seal.
Overall, the streamlined design of the RL9000 TWM provides accuracy and durability in hostile environment weighing applications.