Food Portioning

Ohaus Valor 6.6lbs - 66lbs

Ohaus Valor

6.6lbs - 66lbs

Ergonomic design – Compact footprint, large removable stainless pan with a bright, easy to read backlit LCD (models with front or dual front and back of scale displays available) and audible alerts

Solid performance – Fast response time, leveling capability standard, and precision resolutions up to 7,500d

Friendly operation – Easy to clean and transport. Included long-life internal rechargeable battery with standard AC power adapter and user selectable auto shut off backlight

Single or dual displays

Ishida IPC 6.6lbs - 66lbs

Ishida IPC

6.6lbs - 66lbs

Compact & Versatile The iPC is a portable scale with a compact design. It allows users to measure weights of items from 1 g to 30 kg.

Dual Power Operation Use iPC with an AC adaptor (optional) or batteries (sold separately) depending on usage. Two alkaline batteries allow an operation as long as 500 hours, and an indicator lets you know when to change batteries. Auto Power Off function saves power and ensures long battery life.

Large Display Panel The LCD panel is large and positioned at an angle for easy viewing to prevent misreading. A dual display (front and back) model is also available on order.