Crane Scales

Caston Series 1000lbs - 100000lbs

Caston Series

1,000lbs - 100,000lbs
The Caston III BT is a top of the line Bluetooth enabled crane scale. The Caston III BT Crane Scale is available in capacities up to 100K lbs and works well in medium to heavy industrial applications. Transmits weight directly to the handheld remote control.
MSI 3460 250lbs - 10000lbs

MSI 3460

250lbs - 10,000lbs

The enhanced Challenger 3 electronics package features a larger ultra-bright LED digital display with 1.5-inch (38 mm) high digits. Through improved processing power and lower energy consumption continuous product operating time is extended to over 100 plus hours with a single 6-volt rechargeable battery. An inclusive rapid charge universal (115/230 VAC) battery charger minimizes battery-charging time in less than 3 hours.

The Challenger 3 maintains precision 0.1% loading accuracy across an available capacity range of 250 to 15,000 lb (125 to 7500 kg). Both simple and advanced crane weighing applications are supported through standard programmable controls including Net/Gross, Tare, Auto-Off, Peak Hold, Set Points and Load Totalizing. Available options also provide application versatility where RF remote control, RF remote display and/or audible alarms on set point activation. An electronics retrofit kit is also available for customers who wish to upgrade their existing MSI-3260 or MSI-3360 Challengers to the new generation MSI-3460.

MSI 4260 500lbs - 100000lbs

MSI 4260

500lbs - 100,000lbs
When introduced in 1980, the MSI-4260 "Port-A-Weigh" promptly established the original industry standard for an accurate, reliable and safe solution for overhead crane weighing and material handling. After decades of production, added technology advancements and thousands of worldwide installations, Port-A-Weigh continues to set the standard by which all other crane scales are measured.Simple and user friendly, the Port-A-Weigh crane scale family provides amazing versatility combined with an unrivaled standard feature set: