Automated Weighing

Rice Lake Motoweigh 200lbs

Rice Lake Motoweigh

Keep your process moving with equipment that's made for the task. Rice Lake offers custom solutions for in-motion weighing that increase the productivity of almost any process.
MotoWeigh in-motion weighing systems offer a broad selection of features and options to maximize efficiency. Find incredible accuracy and speed in a system that's designed for frequent and easy cleaning.
Rice Lake Sorting 200lbs

Rice Lake Sorting


Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers conveyor and labeling solutions that easily configure and successfully integrate into a number of applications including logistics and distribution, consumer packaged goods, material handling, and food processing.

Automate and streamline your sorting and classifying processes for nearly any type of meat. Capture yield rates electronically for better record keeping while maximizing profits and reducing classification errors.

Use MotoWeigh WPL and barcode labeling systems as stand-alone units with existing in-motion equipment, or integrate directly into your conveyor scale system. Weigh, print, price and label as many as 60 labels per minute with up to three applicators above the conveyor and two below. Bar code labeling also available.

Weigh-Tronix Conveyor 200lbs

Weigh-Tronix Conveyor

Avery Weigh-Tronix Conveyor scales operate while the conveyor is in motion and are intended for the weighing of individual boxes, cartons, cans or -unpackaged products such as large cuts of meat.
These conveyor scales integrate into any industrial process that needs to weigh items as they pass through. They are ideally suited to checkweighing, straight weighing and weight accumulation operations. We offer systems that price label products and washdown systems that wipe clean for food preparation and extreme production environments among others.