Retail Scales

Ishida Astra 13lbs - 33lbs

Ishida Astra

13lbs - 33lbs
Simple programming tool

To speed setup, we've created a unique, yet simple software tool that allows quick PLU editing using a PC. In addition the configuration parameters can be savedto a PC for safe backup.

Expanded memory storage
The Astra can store an amazing 2000 PLUs, virtually ensuring that you'll never run out of memory. That's nearly twice the capacity of others!

Attractive labels...FAST
Eye-catching point of purchase labes determine whether products sit on the shelf or are snatched up by consumers. The Astra excels by producing attractive labels up to 64mm x 85mm @ 80mm per second.

Easy label loading
A convenient side-loading label door makes replacing rolls incredibly easy.

Versatile function keys
Programmable function keys such as "99" or "00" keys allow frequently used prices like $1.99 or $2.00 to be entered quickly. Other function key features include three types of price discounts, a Peel Timer key to adjust the interval of continuous label issue, and an Extra Text key to key-in desired extra text in normal operation.

CAS S2000 JR 6lbs - 60lbs

CAS S2000 JR

6lbs - 60lbs

Price Computing Scale
The S2000 Jr is a top of the line, full featured price computing scale, available in 15lb, 30lb & 60lb capacities. The S2000 Jr is Ideal for use in many retail applications.

Use in Retail Stores, Farmer's Markets, Candy Stores, or any general purpose weighing application.

Weighs in pounds, ounces, or kilograms.

Optional Label or receipt printer.

Large easy to read display.

Two display types LCD or VFD.

Dual display clerk & customer.

Rechargeable battery included.

Legal for trade. NTEP

Avery PC-902 30lbs

Avery PC-902

The RS-130 retail scale is the ultimate choice for simple price computing applications delivering unmatched convenience and accuracy. Providing one-button operation, the RS-130 displays weight in either pounds, kilograms or ounces.

Added Convenience: The RS-130 can save eight direct price lookups and 89 indirect price lookups. Cash back is calculated quickly for applications where a cash register is no present. The large stainless steel platter provides ample room fr product and a standard in-use cover assures years of trouble free operation, even in wet enviroments.

NTEP Certified and operates on a rechargeable internal battery. A low battery annunciator signals the operator when it's time to recharge with 115 VAC adaptor included.

Overall the RS-130 offers the most accurate affordable and portable solution to your simplest price computing needs.