Dual Counting Scales

Supports remote scale of up to 4 load-cells for enhanced weighing and counting Up to 100 PLUs with description, unit weight and tare weight can be stored

Switchable between Pounds and Kilograms

Advanced software for higher counting resolution

Integrated bi-directional RS-232 interface Programmable for counting to a pre-set number of parts

Memory accumulation of count

Preset tare function

Rechargeable battery with up to 70 hours of operation / mains adapter (adapter supplied as standard)

Overload and underload protection

3 backlit LCD displays with 0.8” digits

Modern low profile design

Anti-tilt bumpers and non-slip adjustable feet

Easy to use keypad

Large stainless steel pan

Internal counting resolution 1:400,000

Capacities (1 - 10,000 LBS)


Dual Counting Bench Scales for rental

gse 675 counting bench scale